This page tracks progress on the creation of a new dance (from 1 March 2012)

Visual progress from 7 Jan 2014 captured on Margaret's iphone:

The original .mov with 'lying down' image
converted to .wmv with 'standing up' image

also converted to .wmv with 'standing up' image; lowest bandwidth

Last updated: 19 Oct 2012

The following documents are from anyone who wants to contribute. Some docs are dropped in once and left, others are updated with changing info. Many are Word docs, with both a .docx (new) and .doc (old) format.

Anyone wanting to submit something for the page, please pass it along to me, WWW (web wallah Wendell). If it's media ready for the web, I'll put it up unchanged. If not, I'll drop it into a Word or HTML doc first.

Editorial note (WEB): As of 2 March 2012, my impression of the goal is to add a dance to our repertoire which is: sufficiently different from existing ones not to just be a 'version x.x' of something else; different enough from traditional dances to be able to say it originated with VSF; and enough like what we do already, especially Happy Jack, to start establishing a style that is recognizably our own. This is my opinion, tho, so the way the development of the dance progresses may prove me wrong.

Ron's seminal proposal for the new dance (.docx)
(old .doc format)

Chronological progress during practices (.docx)
(old .doc format)

Wendell's ideas about leaping ring, back clash, ring up (.docx)
(old .doc format)

Complete beginning (coming on, clashing) a la Wendell (.docx)
(old .doc format)