These are the Vineyard Swordfish / Clownfish private pages.
(If you arrived here by accident, please close your eyes.)

First a few team maintenance links:

The team calendar on Google ( => calendar123)

The team roster on Google

A list of current member email addresses ready for cut and paste

Contact info for team members - address/phone #s - in PDF format

Then links to content submitted by anybody - newest first:

Laura's minutes of the May 3, 2014 annual meeting

Progress on creating a new dance

CCCC performance pics from May 07

Rapper Sword Maintenance  -  Word doc

Sword Dance Spectacular  -  Yorkshire, England  -  May 2008   

SCadiddawop maps

Excel spreadsheet of possible rehearsal times for fall 09

early VSF doing Bampton Weavers  -  AVI file

new Happy Jack lock    and   Brimfield for 4 (star details)