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Contact Vineyard Swordfish members and fans using Facebook with:

   Vineyard Swordfish Facebook group


Vineyard Swordfish rehearse weekly in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  New members to the team are welcome after a short trial period.  Members are expected to attend rehearsals regularly and pay yearly dues.  For more information about the team in general, joining the team, or upcoming events, please email:


Vineyard Swordfish welcome donations to help cover the cost of rehearsal space, travel to performances, etc.  To donate, please email your contact information to:

Request a Performance Appearance

Vineyard Swordfish will be happy to perform at either public or private events, at rates that depend on length of travel (from Falmouth, Massachusetts) and the duration of the performance.  To request an appearance, please detach the following form:

Vineyard Swordfish Request for Performance

fill in the various fields, and email the result to: